Zoom on Gear Head

Geo Film Group / Alpha Stabilized wins the FDTimes-Cinec “Why didn’t I think of that Award.” How many times have we taped a Microforce to a gear head’s tilt wheel to be able to pan/tilt/zoom? Crude and somewhat effective. Now, George Nolan’s group has separated the Preston Microforce force sensor zoom button from its housing, built it into a tilt-wheel handle, added the appropriate counterweights so handle remains upright and wheel remains balanced, and sculpted the grip to fit a camera operator’s fingers nicely.


The zoom/tilt wheel was shown at Cinec controlling Geo Film’s new Alpha Stabilized remote head, which is lightweight, sturdy, stabilized on all axes, and adjustable. Maximum camera/lens payload is 150 lb. It has a dovetail system for quick fitting of different camera configurations, slip rings, programmable limits and repeatable moves.

And if you don’t operate with wheels, there’s a choice of joystick or pan-bar.

L-R: George Nolan, President of Geo Film Group and Alpha Stabilized; David Cornelius.



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  1. CINOFLEX says:

    Just one of the many great features on this stabized remote head. Made for camera operators.

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