First ALEXA Studio at Clairmont

Clairmont Camera got the first ARRI ALEXA Studio Camera in the US. Although delivered with less fanfare than other recent camera arrivals, our rumor phone and embedded camera technicians have definitely confirmed that Clairmont’s ALEXA Studio arrived the first week of January. I should have known: I was supposed to take pictures of the camera in New York for our imminent Alexa manual, but it cleared customs and was whisked to Burbank before I could say “Optical Viewfinder.”

New cameras are like the race for first Beaujolais or the running of the bulls.

And in Europe, we heard that the first two ALEXA Studios went to Vantage Film. That would make sense, because Vantage is the manufacturer of Hawk Anamorphic 2x and 1.3x lenses.

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  1. Jas says:

    So was the ‘First ALEXA Studio at Clairmont’ (1/18/12 post) or the “1st Alexa Studio at AbelCine” (1/14/12 Post) ?

  2. Michael Condon, VP Digital Division, Clairmont Camera says:

    Clairmont Camera DID indeed receive the first Alexa Studio camera in the U.S.

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