Leica and Kodak Articles in Spanish

Two Film and Digital Times articles in Spanish: “Interview with Leica’s Dr. Andreas Kaufmann” and “Tour of Kodak.”

The Leica article was translated by Delfí Reinoso from Barcelona on the Leicaeme.com Website (12/2011). Leicaeme.com is a collaborative project of people involved in the Leica (en Español) Flickr group.

Leica users are everywhere. The Leicaforum is in English, German and Russian; Summilux.net is in French; Leica Forum and Red Dot Forum are in English, Leicapassion is in Italian, and Leicaeme.com is in Spanish.

Delfí Reinoso, webmaster and the person in charge of Leicaeme.com development, explains, “Leicaeme stands for Leica M in Spanish (Leica-Eme). We want to serve the Spanish speaking community with information on Leica photography. Especially the rangefinders from the screw mount cameras to the digital M9-P. We would love to have more S2 users. Now we have a forum and the blogs, a gallery, news on the front page and soon we’ll have a Documents repository, a Wiki and more news pages.

The Kodak article was translated by Pedro Luis Bello, with editing and layout by Marcelo Ragone, a professor at the Cinema School in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Delfí, Marcelo, Pedro: Thank you very much for widening our horizons.

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