DENZ Camera Base Plate

DENZ has designed and manufactured a new camera base plate for most film and digital cameras.

With  black anodized aerospace materials, Denz’s BP-multi (code 301.0377) was introduced at IBC 2011 for video and film cameras from ARRI, RED, Sony and Panasonic. Cameras attach with 3/8 x 16 or ¼ x 20 screws (included). The BP-multi is designed for 19 mm rods. The dovetail plate attaches to standard sliding baseplates. At the front and back there are two ¼” holes at a distance of 60mm. You can also use Ø 15mm rods. A center offset of 16 mm (like BP8) is achieved if you unscrew the mounting plate.

A matching adapter plate RED/Epic (code 301.0376) can be supplied. This compensates for RED’s height difference when using all standard accessories (matte box, studio follow focus, etc). The adapter is supplied with two 3 / 8 “screws.

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