P+S Technik X35

Only a few more shopping days until Cine Gear Expo 2011 in LA. P+S TECHNIK will premiere their new PS-Cam X35 at ZGC Booth #67.

We have taken the vow of silence about the capabilities of the X35. But you can piece the puzzle together by looking at the picture above, and knowing a little something about P+S Technik. Also, the name is revealing: X35. Sounds like 435. That would mean a wide range of frame rates, slow motion, and versatility.

The picture shows a digital camera that sits on your shoulder or mounts to tripods, dollies, remote heads, Steadicams, cars or 3D rigs. Rosettes abound for a multitude of mounting possibilities.

Alfred Piffl was a designer at ARRI. In the many years since he started P+S Technik in his suburban Munich basement, the company has grown into a large company with a team of more than 70, with lots of the latest CNC machines and one of the finest facilities anywhere. Alfred, as I’ve belabored before, never saw a camera he couldn’t improve. In the early days, he did Super16 upgrades, BL and Moviecam Evolutions. The company grew — with Pro35 Adaptors, IMS mounts, Skaters, SI-2Ks, Weisscams, 16Digital Mags and 3D rigs.

It won’t be hard to find the P+S Technik X35 at Cine Gear. Booth #67 will be the one with the big crowd around it.


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