Alexa Plus at IBC and Cinec

The Alexa Plus is the newest addition to ARRI’s line of (digital) cameras. The PLUS provides built-in lens control and lens data, familiar to Arriflex 416 Plus users. Owners of “regular” Alexa EV models are offered an upgrade path to the Plus at a reduced rate.

ARRI also introduced the RCU-4 remote control panel, which is capable of controlling everything that can be controlled via the camera display . In addition, a new wireless network adapter WNA-1 can be attached to the camera to control the Alexa via an external devicesuch as computers or smartphones.

The Alexa is also 3D ready. ARRI showed (background in this picture) two Alexas on a Tango rig equipped with wireless lens, interaxial and convergence control.

Shown above: Alexa Plus with Codex Onboard Digital Recorder, ARRI/Fujinon Alura 45-250mm zoom, OConnor 2575D Head.

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