Alexa’s Left Hand

Great news for everyone who wants a camera that doesn’t assume you’re right-handed, right-eyed or right-shouldered. Here’s an unofficial sneak peek at the camera-left side of a very recent prototype ARRI Alexa A-EV. They’ve moved the operating controls up, making room for a handgrip rosette mirroring the one on the camera right side. Last seen on the Arriflex 16SR3, I’ve been whining and pining for the return of the left handgrip rosette lacking on every camera ever since. Looks like ARRI listened. A symmetrical camera once again. I find it much easier to attach left and right handgrips directly to the rosettes instead of the rods–much simpler, and they don’t twist. I trust I’m not the only one who wanted this; please let us know using our contact form. Alexa makes her grand debut at NAB. Check here for further updates.

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