Earthquake in Chile, Report by Juan Pablo Fabres


by Juan Pable Fabres, Even though we should be used to and prepared for these events, an 8,8º earthquake affects and scares us all.

As you can see on the map below, the center of it was around 400 KM. (248 miles) south of Santiago, by the shore. A big circle around the epicenter (my guess, 400 km. diameter) is really hurt. Rural areas, small villages and towns with old adobe houses were devastated. To make things worse, a tsunami affected a big part of the cost, causing more destruction, personal loss and missing people. Energy and water cuts are affecting most of that area. The damage to modern buildings and public infrastructure are blamed for construction errors, or even builders greed, unjustified cost savings, even considering the strength of the earthquake. Food supply is assured, medical aid is there, and rescue teams have been working nonstop. As I said before, we do have to thank our building regulations, good engineering and general quality of our building system.

Most of Chile is up and working, and many, many more lives were saved for this reason. Chile mourns today the loss of around 1000 fellow men, women and children. Today, the best of Chile is showing up. Solidarity, commitment, generosity and compassion, as always on these occasions, are moving us all. We are working hard to be back on track again, and help all people in need. Schools and universities were finishing their summer holidays, and all students are committing their time to help, collect goods, organize, and contribute. Santiago is back to almost normal. Very few spots in the city show damage. Everywhere, different organizations are collecting whatever might be of help. We see, at every level of society, concern, sacrifice, and a spirit of progress, growth, reconstruction, support and hope that is stronger than ever.

Our Cine Industry is pretty much unaffected. All Rental Houses are up and working. Labs, Transfer Houses, Post Production Facilities, Crews, Technicians and Talent, as far as I know, are healthy and eager to work. All of us had things broken and lots of cleaning to do. A couple of Advertising Agencies had more serious damage on their premises, but normal life is back for most of us. We at JPF, our families and homes, are well. We’ve been shooting steadily since Tuesday. Our studio is working, equipment almost untouched. A big mess on papers and files, and minor repairs will have to be done. Many thanks to all of you for your phone calls, messages and prayers. We hope to see you around here sometime soon. It may shake a bit, but it’s part of the package.

Juan Pablo Fabres

JPF Cine S. A.

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