Transvideo CineMonitorHD/i


Here’s a monitor not only for Directors and DPs, but also for Camera Assistants and Script Supervisors. Put away your Kelly Calculators and iPhones. Transvideo’s new CineMonitorHD/i Evolution Monitors, shown at IBC, constantly update you on depth of field in an easy-to-read display. In the example above, the Cooke S4/i lens is set to 2.02 and the focus is 8’4″ (shown with the red line). The green box shows how much (or little) depth of field you have. This can be also helpful to a DP watching the shot–it instantly shows (with edge outlines) what’s in focus, and whether the depth of field allows any leeway.

The Cooke /i data system can also be a huge time-saver for any script supervisor who has a dedicated CineMonitor–I’d recommend the HD10 in wireless configuration. No longer does the scriptologist have to shout across the set to the AC, “What’s your millimeter? T Stop?” It’s all there. There’s also a histogram, timecode readout, and soon you’ll be able to freeze, store,  recall shots, monitor voltage, and check audio. You’ll also be able to remotely dim the Cooke 5/i focus scales from the monitor.

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