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Matthias Uhlig of MBF Filmtechnik Hamburg is leading the Ron Dexter PL Mount for Canon EOS competition. Their Canon-PL Adapter is shown here with a 300 mm Canon Century. The 300 mm works with the 5D without vignetting. They’ve also tested the Angenieux Optimo 24-290 with a D60. Matthias writes, “I hope to finally get our 7Ds next week to start serious testing. We might make a couple of more of these adapters if people are interested and if our tests are satisfying. BTW, we did not gut the cameras and never will.” Remember: this mount works with PL lenses that do not protrude beyond the rear flange. See the picture, below. The rear tube of the lens PL mount can not be deeper than 7 mm–otherwise it will hit the rear of the mount.

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  1. jean dodge says:

    I _KNEW_ it was just a matter of time…. very cool. It seems like BNCR and OCT 19 glass would be better candidates for this camera, having longer FFD. Any desire/ hope of going in that direction?

    I’m guessing this mount won’t work with a large chunk of the usual prime lens range.

    Incomplete range or no, still it is very interesting stuff… a real mind-blower and a major temptation on set to take these babies into unexplored territory – but not without some trusted companions like great glass well suited to motion picture work. Kudos.

  2. john banos says:

    Wow. Very interesting.

    I’d love to see a video of this camera with a 35mm lens. I want to purchase this for my 5d2, and my 7d when it arrives.

  3. Joe Carney says:

    An Angenieux Optimo hooked up to the new 7D. I would buy a 7D for this.

  4. Joe Carney says:

    Hopefully you’ll get a chance to test with the Optimo Rouge zooms.

  5. charles lim says:

    wow, this is great. Good luck with the test. hope it works, if yes I would like to get one for sure

  6. bjorn says:

    Well I find it more important to be able to use any lens than staying with the original camera house…

    We made a BNC-R Then the camera works perfect with any focal length we tried 180mm to 20mm.

    We also have a fish eye 185 degree lens that works fine aswell. And the camera looks super cool with the cinema primes on.
    The only thing lost in the process is metal parts under the flash of the 7D and the camera is possible to reverse engineer to the regular Canon mount. with ony changing 4 screews. we sell the camera with mount for 4000USD.

  7. Ilya Shemyatov says:

    I want to buy this thing!
    Please contact with me!

  8. Hi
    very great job !
    I would like to know which kind of lenses would work on a modded 7D with mirror off : so the rear element of the lens would not hit it and have enough room?

  9. franck says:

    I am interested to buy an adapter ring Canon EOS pl
    is possible?
    best regards
    Ps is that obtique s16 zeiss covers the sensor 7d?

  10. fdtimes says:

    No, Super 16 lenses will not cover the Canon EOS 7D sensor — you need 35mm.

  11. Is there a Bnc R mount for the Canon 5D MK2, it should be the same right. As far as I know the 7D and the 5D uses the same type of lenses. (Or am I wrong) And I dont understand all the fuss about the 7D, when 24p/25p comes to the 5D then it should be the same. Or the 5D should be better with its full frame sensor. Any thoughts on this?

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