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Matthias Uhlig of MBF Filmtechnik Hamburg is leading the Ron Dexter PL Mount for Canon EOS competition. Their Canon-PL Adapter is shown here with a 300 mm Canon Century. The 300 mm works with the 5D without vignetting. They’ve also tested the Angenieux Optimo 24-290 with a D60. Matthias writes, “I hope to finally get our 7Ds next week to start serious testing. We might make a couple of more of these adapters if people are interested and if our tests are satisfying. BTW, we did not gut the cameras and never will.” Remember: this mount works with PL lenses that do not protrude beyond the rear flange. See the picture, below. The rear tube of the lens PL mount can not be deeper than 7 mm–otherwise it will hit the rear of the mount.

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