ARRI CSC…Worth the Trip


High praise from a Michelin Guidebook is that a place is “worth the trip.”

The new ARRI CSC facility is definitely worth the trip: recently relocated west of Manhattan, across the Hudson river, to Secaucus, NJ–famous for its Secaucus Seven, Meadowlands, and Clothing Outlet Centers.There was much speculation and some early trepidation by hard-core New Yorkers at a place you couldn’t walk to from midtown–but who can resist free parking for 70 cars? Pull up your car with Magliner, park, and roll your stuff right to a ground-floor check-out. An espresso machine. Gucci outlet across the street. A fifteen-minute train and bus ride from Penn Station. And what a facility. Modern, clean architecture. A logical floor plan. The huge, high-ceiling checkout room is the size of a large film studio. There are four feature checkout rooms as well. The place is spotless and bright. Cases travel logically from loading bay to optical, mechanical, digital and technical support departments, on to storage and then checkout. It’s all on one ground floor level, with easy access to multiple loading docks and bays.  The camera department occupies almost an acre of space, 50% larger than its predecessor at 619 West 54 Street? ARRI CSC Lighting and Grip is right next door. Together, the combined space (90,000 sq. feet) is one of the largest in the country. Newark Airport is 20 minutes away, and there are good hotels nearby servicing the Meadowlands sports complexes.

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