3D Workshop

dsc_0693_96dZGC Inc and Florian Maier, expert 3D consultant and developer of the P+S Technik 3D Rig, presented 3D workshops to sold-out seessions in New York, LA and Vancouver. Highly recommended: everything you always wanted to know about 3D, how to prep, rig, shoot, edit, present, and more. Florian compared good and bad 3D, secrets of the pros, gentle 3D and Advil 3D, and above all, demonstrated that 3D is a viable, practical format with a healthy future when done right. Equipment included the 3D Rig from P+S Technik, two Sony EX3 Cameras on an OConnor 120EX Fluid Head and Legs, Transvideo CineMonitorHD 3DView, and more. There will be more seminars in the future. For more pictures from the seminar, go to:   picasaweb.google.com/fdtimes

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