Zeiss Lens Day 1

We’re in Oberkochen, two hours northwest of Munich, for the bi-annual Zeiss Lens Days.

Day One. Our hosts treated us to an enjoyable evening of surprises at the nearby Kapfenburg Castle. Climbing up the hill in the late afternoon, with a cold, strong wind from the East, we were greeted with a scene out of the film “Ladyhawke.” The largest eagle, owl and falcon I have ever seen were perched on the front lawn in front of the castle’s main gate overlooking the town of Laucheim below. A while back, I had spent many long days filming a commercial in which Lee Iacocca and an owl from San Diego were engaged in a dialog: on cue, the owl was expected to ask, “who” and Mr. Iacocca was supposed to answer. This owl at Kapfenburg was certainly larger and better mannered. The eagle looked like it could carry away a light cinematographer. We spent the next half hour getting to know this friendly eagle, owl and falcon. 

An enjoyable, interesting and low-key product tie-in was set up nearby: a collection of every pair of binoculars and spotting scopes that a cinematographer might wish for as the next birthday present or must-have companion on location scouting trips.

Next, we entered the castle for a delicious dinner in the castle’s fine restaurant, “Fermata,” and conversation with colleagues and Zeiss friends from around the world.

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