New Nikon D90 digital SLR still/movie camera

If the paradigm for RED was to make a movie camera based on the idea of a digital still camera, the Nikon D90 propels us into a new realm: take that model still camera and let it shoot movies as well as stills. This is the world’s first Digital Single Lens Reflex still camera that shoots HD 720 24p (1,280 x 720)  in motion JPEG format. The Nikon D90 uses a single CMOS 12.3 Megapixel sensor in APS-C size (almost same as 18×24 mm 35mm film aperture) 

Some suggestions on shooting in Movie Mode:

  1. Turn camera on
  2. Pre-focus by pushing shutter release half-way
  3. Press the Lv (Live View) button located top-right next to LCD monitor screen
  4. Push OK button (below Lv button) to begin shooting
  5. Here’s the important part: to avoid auto exposure hunting as you pan from bright to dark, keep the Auto Exposure Lock (AE-L/AE-F) button pressed in while shooting.
  6. To cut, press the OK button.

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