Zeiss Lens Day 2

The day began with an ear-popping elevator ride to the rarified atmosphere of the Zeiss Board Room on the top floor of corporate headquarters in Oberkochen. We were welcome by Zeiss CEO  Dr. Dieter Kurz.


Dr. Winfried Scherle (left); Dr. Dieter Kurz (right)

Dr. Winfried Scherle (left); Dr. Dieter Kurz (right)


Dr. Scherle presented an overview of Zeiss. Among many things, we learned that 60% of all microchips in the world are made using Zeiss lenses–technological synergy from what Zeiss learned making cine lenses (and vice versa). In this Nano Age World, semiconductor lenses (lenses used to etch the microchip) are the most demanding lenses in the world.

Aerospace and cars (formula one) use Zeiss metrology (measuring devices).

Eyeglasses are more than window glass. 50% of all eyeglasses in the world are made by Zeiss . Zeiss measures the individual shape of the eye, and lenses are individually crafted within 24 hours.

Zeiss Microscopes were used to restore the stolen Munch paintings. Zeiss business is divided into Life Sciences, Industry and Lifestyle, and over there are over 20,000 employees.

50 Million cameras with Zeiss lenses will be made in 2008: one camera every 2 seconds. Nokia, Sony, Logitech, etc.

Next we were treated to a compelling lecture by Dr. Hubert Nasse on 4K lens requirements (more on that shortly), followed by a tour of Camera lens assembly.

After a buffet lunch of salads, salmon wrapped in pancakes, air dried beef, timbale of wild mushrooms, Dr. Hans Kiening lectured on 4K and beyond.

More pictures and posts shortly: losing internet connection…


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