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“Top Gun: Maverick,” Miranda, Many Lenses, Multiple Cameras

The camera and lens list on TOP GUN: MAVERICK is long. As Admiral Cain, played by Ed Harris, asked, “Why is that?”

Claudio Miranda, ASC: “It’s one of life’s mysteries.” Seriously, Joe Kosinski, our Director, wanted to shoot Full Frame. SIGMA covered the wide end, and the Master Primes covered the long end. We were using the SIGMAs from 14mm to 50mm. The Master Primes in those focal lengths don’t cover Full Frame. But the 50, 75, 100 and 150mm Master Primes do cover Full Frame. In terms of sharpness and resolution, they’re pretty close. In grading, even if things are just a little bit off, you can kind of blend them all in.

Life’s other mystery, then: why did you have Super35 zooms?

We were shooting in Full Frame sometimes. But our zooms, with the exception of the FUJINON Premistas, were mostly the FUJINON Premier series, which are Super35. A lot of that was for ground-to-air on really fast moving planes going through the mountains, or just when we needed to carry a small lens package that had a greater range. read more…

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