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LEITZ PRIME lenses have been described as “cinematic with an iconic confluence of coatings, glass, design, art and craft.” Development began in 2015. In 2019, I remember rhapsodizing, “LEITZ PRIME lenses has the look of glowing, lusciously smooth skin tones, detailed details where you want them—sharp eyelashes and eyebrows—with silky sympathetic focus roll-off, gently tempered depth of field dimensionality, impressionistic luminous backgrounds, beautiful bokeh and harmonious contrast.

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LEITZ PRIME Lenses Delivered

The first sets of full-frame large-format Leica-format LEITZ PRIME lenses arrived at a number of rental houses worldwide in the past few days. This is warp speed. They must have been working long hours with lots of overtime in Wetzlar. Remember that LEITZ PRIME lenses were behind-glass models at IBC 2018 and only introduced in April of this year. Here they are now. And not just a few focal lengths. LEITZ PRIME deliveries are almost full sets of 8 lenses: 21, 25, 35, 40, 50, 65, 75 and 100 mm — all T1.8, all with 114mm front diameters. Happy recipients shown in photos here: at Camalot in Amsterdam, Ljud & Bildmedia AB in Stockholm and Sanwa Cine Equipment in Tokyo shown in photos below. read more…

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