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Rainer Hercher joins CW Sonderoptic – Leica

Rainer Hercher has been named General Sales Director of CW Sonderoptic for their line of cine products — including Leica Summilux-C and Leica Summicron-C lenses. Rainer said, “The Leica brand has a rich history of creating fantastic image-making tools, but the cinema side of the business from CW Sonderoptic is relatively new. I look forward to introducing these products to more cinematographers and directors in the global market.” read more…

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Sneak Peak: Leica Summicron-C Primes

An FDTimes spy who came in from the cold in Berlin provided these pictures and notes from Kameralabor 2013 (Camera Workshop), ahead of the snowy opening of the Berlinale Film Festival. A pre-production 25 mm and 75 mm Leica Summicron–C lens was revealed for evaluation by an expert group of Cinematographers and Camera Assistants. Kameralabor returns to Munich on Feb… read more…