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Red Dot on Red Carpet

I’m at the Cannes Film Festival trying out new Leica M. While 4500 members of the press are covering this event, which I’m told gets more coverage than the Olympics, the presence of an M is noteworthy. It turns heads. Leica M cameras are still almost as hard to get as some of the stars and starlets, with a back-order… read more…


Leica M Cine

Confirming speculation at Photokina, the imminent Leica M camera portends to be a unique camera for cinema. Just as the 1954 Leica M3 sparked a new style of unobtrusive, documentary-style photojournalism, I think the new M camera will provoke new styles in cinematography. In the days before Hurricane Sandy, we got our hands on a working pre-production Leica M at… read more…

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