Red Dot on Red Carpet

I’m at the Cannes Film Festival trying out new Leica M. While 4500 members of the press are covering this event, which I’m told gets more coverage than the Olympics, the presence of an M is noteworthy. It turns heads. Leica M cameras are still almost as hard to get as some of the stars and starlets, with a back-order list longer than the traffic jams here in Cannes. The images are stellar.

M is the latest Leica digital full-frame 24×36 still camera, with 24 Megapixel CMOS sensor. ISO range is 200 – 3200, with “push” rating to 6400 and “pull” to 100.

I was expecting to use the accessory EVF finder for video, and not for stills. As it turned out, the EVF is wonderfully helpful for both — especially in low light conditions.

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