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Cooke S8/i T1.4 Full Frame Primes

New Cooke S8/i Full Frame Primes arrive in response to requests from cinematographers, camera operators, focus pullers and rental houses for smaller, lighter and faster Full Frame lenses.

Cooke S8/i Primes have a maximum aperture of T1.4. In comparion, Cooke S7/i Full Frame Primes open to T2.0. Not only are S8/i faster, they are also lighter and smaller than most contemporary Cooke lenses. S8/i have a 104 mm front diameter. S7/i have a 110 mm front diameter, as do the 35mm format S4/i and S5/i. It gets even more interesting when you hear that the S8/i series were designed and built using only spherical elements. They do not contain aspheres. read more…

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Zoom over to Cooke

At NAB 2015, Cooke Optics will announce the first of several new secret lenses to join its existing set of front anamorphic primes. Since the official word from Cooke is “zoom along as quickly as possible,” one might guess what it is. read more…

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Jon Maxwell on the Cooke Look

What is the Cooke Look? The Academy will honor Cooke Optics with a Sci-Tech Oscar statuette “for their continuing innovation in the design, development and manufacture of advanced camera lenses that have helped define the look of motion pictures over the last century…producing what is commonly referred to as the Cooke Look…” Jonathan Maxwell, lens designer, recently published an article… read more…

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