Cooke S8/i T1.4 Full Frame Primes


See how the new Cooke S8/i Primes look, and look at lots more information in this FDTimes Special Report – 5 MB PDF download, here.


New Cooke S8/i Full Frame Primes arrive in response to requests from cinematographers, camera operators, focus pullers and rental houses for smaller, lighter and faster Full Frame lenses.

Cooke S8/i Primes have a maximum aperture of T1.4. In comparison, Cooke S7/i Full Frame Primes open to T2.0.

Not only are S8/i faster, they are also lighter and smaller than most contemporary Cooke lenses:

  • S8/i (Full Frame) have a 104 mm front diameter
  • S7/i (Full Frame) have a 110 mm front diameter
  • S4/i (35mm format) have a 110 mm front diameter
  •  S5/i (35mm format) have a 110 mm front diameter

It gets even more interesting when you hear that the S8/i series were designed and built using only spherical elements. They do not contain aspheres.

“Work wide open” is a favorite lens mantra. “Don’t stop down!”

And so, S8/i Primes open up the widely opened T1.4 aperture world for Full Frame / Large Format. Bokeh blossom beautifully: smooth and natural. They are round in the center of frame and take on a cat’s eye oval shape when off-axis. All focal lengths exhibit similar symmetrical bokeh shapes at all focus distances.

Spherical elements see to it that you will not see any onion ring artifacts. The only one crying could be a Focus Puller lacking the big sensor lifeline that is the Preston Light Ranger 2, thus assuring sharpness even with a T1.4 four-eyelash depth of field at 100mm, as shown below.

Of course, the ever-popular Cooke Look is in full Full Frame parade: a delicious depth of field roll-off and smooth focus fall-off at the periphery, all the better to guide your eye to the object at the center of your attention.

At launch, there are seven S8/i Primes: 25, 32, 40, 50, 75, 100 and 135 mm. They all open to T1.4 and all have a 104 mm front diameter. Prices at launch are US $34,650 for 25mm to 100mm S8/i and US $36,100 for the 135mm S8/i.

Additional focal lengths are planned: 18, 21, 27, 35, 65, 85 Macro, 180, 250 and 350 mm. 


Lots more information in this FDTimes Special Report – 5 MB PDF download, here.











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