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Cinematography Electronics /i Lens Display

Larry Barton, President of Cinematography Electronics, was on the other end of a Zoom chat in high resolution, with dramatic lighting and Full Frame shallow depth of field. It was time to learn about the Cinematography Electronics /i Lens Display. Larry said: “What we’ve done with our /i Lens Display was to take the iris, focus, focal length and other metadata from the lens—combined with information from the CINETAPE 2—and make the information more user-friendly for focus pullers and lens technicians at rental houses.” read more…

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CineTape2 and Wireless AIR Mobile2

Cinematography Electronics introduces a new model: the CineTape2. With all of the familiar features and controls of the original CineTape, it adds more than 50 new features and innovations. CineTape2 now has long range 2-way radios, Bluetooth, faster processing—all bundled into a smaller, lighter enclosure. read more…

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FLICKERfree Calculator App

Larry Barton’s famous laminated blue and purple charts of safe filming speeds have been essential inhabitants of every cinematographer’s meter case forever. The charts told us what camera speed and shutter angles to use with HMI and fluorescent lamps, and when we’d get in trouble with dreaded flicker. We’d line up in front of the Cinematography Electronics booth at every… read more…