CineTape2 and Wireless AIR Mobile2

CineTape2 System on Canon C700 FF


Thousands of CineTapes are at work on productions worldwide.

Cinematography Electronics introduces a new model: the CineTape2. With all of the familiar features and controls of the original CineTape, it adds more than 50 new features and innovations. CineTape2 now has long range 2-way radios, Bluetooth, faster processing—all bundled into a smaller, lighter enclosure.

Also new is the companion AIR Mobile2, a wireless remote for the Cine- Tape2. It is a small, battery-powered wireless display that mounts onto FIZ hand units or assistant monitors. Its long-range radio receives wireless measurements instantly. They are displayed on a large LED readout. The radio also has 2-way communication that keeps the AIR Mobile2 settings synchronized with the CineTape2. In addition, you can connect to an iPhone via Bluetooth.


CineTape2 uses the same horns and cables as the original CineTape. It also has the same large, easy-to-read distance display.

The new, built-in 2-way radio instantly sends the measured distance to the remote AIR Mobile2. The radio has a strong 500-foot range with 40 selectable channels for clear communication. An LED indicator glows green when connected to the AIR Mobile2.

Bluetooth compatibility connects the CineTape2 with the updated CineTape AIR App for iPhone and iPad. The App has a NEAR and FAR distance limit setting, Sensitivity and Brightness adjustments, and Synchronization. Newer iPhones and other Apple iOS devices are all compatible with this App.

Both of the radio antennas are internal and, therefore, protected. Other enhancements include a simplified power-up menu, brighter digital readout, and reverse voltage protection. The solid aluminum case has multiple threaded attachment holes along with a standard dovetail-mounting slot. These mounting options and the included Mini Dogbone bracket provide simple and secure mounting to cameras, matteboxes or cheese plates.

AIR Mobile2 (Wireless Remote)

The AIR Mobile2 is a wireless remote readout and constant companion to the CineTape2. It’s a small, lightweight, battery operated unit that attaches to any wireless FIZ or monitor. The large display lets focus pullers clearly see the distance as they move around the set.

The AIR Mobile2 is linked to the CineTape2 by a 2.4 GHz radio with a 500-foot range that is not limited to line-of-sight. Choose from 40 channels for clear connections. In addition, connecting to an iPhone with CineTape AIR App expands the features even more. Both of the integrated antennas are internal and protected.

The removable, rechargeable, small Sony 3.6V NP-BX1 battery is held in place by a sliding door and lasts 8 hours. It’s the same nice battery used in the Sony RX1 and RX100 pocket cameras. Machined from solid aluminum, the AIR Mobile2 weighs a scant 5.5 ounces with the battery.

Mounting the AIR Mobile2 to a handheld FIZ unit is easy. Use one of its 8 mounting holes and a Mini Dogbone bracket. All of the ¼-20 threaded holes are on a removable plate that is flush with the back surface of the AIR Mobile2. This mounting plate can be changed for specific situations.

CineTape AIR App

The CineTape AIR App, available from the iTunes store, connects the CineTape2 or the AIR Mobile2 with Apple devices via Bluetooth. Read the measured distance and adjust the CineTape2 settings directly on your iPhone or iPad.

The measured distance from the CineTape2 is clearly displayed in large red characters that mimic the CineTape2.

Adjust the Distance Limits, Sensitivity and Brightness levels from your Apple device. The NEAR and FAR limits, shown in medium size yellow numerals, can be preset—and activated or deactivated during a shot.

Great Redesign

The CineTape2 is a great redesign of Larry Barton’s famous, industry- standard measuring device.

Because CineTape2 has many updated features but uses the same familiar displays and controls as its predecessor, it is very intuitive and there’s no daunting learning curve.

The ability to connect the CineTape2 wirelessly to the AIR Mobile2 or an Apple iOS device simplifies camera setup by reducing the number of necessary cables. It also allows focus pullers to have a bright, legible, cable-free distance readout as they move anywhere on the set. No longer are they tethered to a small display.

The CineTape2 system works with all cameras and all lens combinations.

With updated features and cable-free capability, every focus puller will want to upgrade to these latest focus tools from Cinematography Electronics.

Reprinted from Film and Digital Times September 2018 Edition #89-90

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