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Michael Cioni on Frame.io C2C and Partners

Michael Cioni was like an orchestra conductor in a candy store at Cine Gear LA this past June. With BSC Expo coming up, I expect to see cameras, audio recorders and post production apps festooned again with Adobe Frame.io Camera to Cloud and Adobe’s Creative Cloud services.

Michael Cioni called with interesting comments a few months ago. Ask Michael one question and that will elicit a wordflow —WORDFLOW! — that requires no additional prompting. 

He began, “What’s fun is that this has actually been a long time coming. Even though we’ve had great success with Camera to Cloud thus far, adding the RED V-RAPTOR and the Fujifilm X-H2S took quite some time. There’s an old phrase that I love: “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago.” read more…

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AJA Updates

AJA announced support for Adobe’s next versions of editing software, including Premiere Pro and SpeedGrade with AJA Video’s Io Express, Io XT, T-TAP and KONA Families. AJA will be in NAB Booth SL3816. New Mac and Windows device drivers and application plug-in software will be available from AJA as a free download shortly after the software’s release. The new AJA… read more…

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