Emmy to SmallHD for Monitors

(L-R) Blake Johnson, Graham Phillips, Russell Hocken, Barrett Phillips, Norbert Ingram, Jeffrey Gray, Greg Smokler.

Eight Emmys were awarded by the Television Academy on October 18 at their Saban Media Center in the LA NoHo Arts District “for engineering and technical achievements by an individual, company or organization that enhance the television storytelling process by their innovation or their improvement on existing methods.”

Jeffrey Gray, Russell Hocken, Barrett Phillips, Greg Smokler were honored with an Emmy for the SmallHD Monitor System.

SmallHD’s rugged and daylight-viewable production monitors are ubiquitous on almost every production, set and location—not just television—including features, documentaries, commercials, television dramas, live broadcast, reality shows, series, and more.

SmallHD monitors are “powered” by a custom electronic architecture that allows for easy expansion and upgrades of features, along with the unique PageOS 5 user interface. PageOS lets you swipe or toggle between “pages” that are customizable views of picture and tools, including framelines, anamorphic desqueeze, EL Zone exposure “meters,” focus assist, histogram, vector scope, waveform, etc.

The Award description noted, “From the compact on-camera Smart 5 and Smart 7 series to the 4K production monitor line, SmallHD has created a unified and cohesive series of monitors that allow for accurate and consistent viewing and color reproduction for different cameras and applications, ensuring a consistent creative vision from set to final output.”

Photos courtesy of the Television Academy, which is represented by 20,000 members from 31 professional peer groups, who work in the television and broadband screen entertainment industry. The Television Academy is best known for the Emmy Awards.

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