How Hugo Looks – Wide Open, No Excuses

Sept 5 – 8, 2022. The nice folks at Leitz invited a coterie of cinematographers and camera assistants to visit Wetzlar for eyes-on time with Hugo, Elsie and Henri, along with factory tours, fine food and flowing refreshments.

Osamu Tsukada with Hugo 24mm T1.5 on Leica SL2-S. Hugo comes in LPL, L and M Mount.

Hugo is the new Leitz series of Leica Format (Full Frame) cine prime lenses: 21, 24, 28, 35, 50, 75, 90 mm — all T1.5. There is an additional 50mm T1.0 lens and an 18mm and 135 are in the works.

Peter Karbe

Leica optical designer Peter Karbe was there. “Shoot wide open, no excuses,” he said. And so I did, all wide open “with a wrench” at T1.5. To see how Hugo looks, here are some ungraded 4K portraits taken with the 90mm and 75mm Hugo primes. Click on any thumbnail to begin the slideshow.

Hugo Primes have a familiar look—from 100 years of Leica photography and 70 years of M lenses.  I hope my enthusiasm shines through.

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