Leitz LPL Mount for VENICE

What is a DP or Rental House to do? You have a new set of Leitz Hugos or Elsies or other LPL mount lenses and want to use them on a Sony VENICE or VENICE 2. But VENICE cameras only come with a native E-mount and a PL mount that screws in front. (Recent ARRI ALEXA Cameras have LPL mounts.)

Leitz LPL Mount for Sony VENICE

Leitz LPL Mount for Sony VENICE, forward side. Attaches in front of VENICE’s E-mount with 6 screws.

Leitz LPL Mount for VENICE, rear side that connects to the camera. Notice the pogo pin contacts that pass metadata through from the lens to VENICE.

Now, Leitz has designed and built an LPL mount for Sony VENICE and VENICE 2. It fits in place of Sony’s original PL mount and attaches with 6 screws. Lens metadata is fully functional; /i data is recorded directly by VENICE.

The Leitz LPL Mount for VENICE, combined with a Leitz LPL to PL mount adapter, creates a system so solid that you would hesitate to even call it an adapter. It ensures consistent pass-through of /i metadata. And, it enables a painless and quick way to work with both LPL and PL lenses on the same job and saves lots of time on set.


Leitz LPL to PL Mount Adapter, front side.

(And yes, there are a few other VENICE LPL Mounts out there.)



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