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Chrosziel Zoomer on Sony FX9 with Angenieux EZ-2 Zoom lens, onboard Hawk-Woods battery with D-tap, Wooden Camera Unified Base and Top Plate. Camera package, accessories and EZ-2 lens provided by Lensrentals.

Sony FX6 and FX9 (as well as FS7 and FS5) cameras have a nice right handgrip with a built-in zoom rocker. The assumption is that you’ll use a Sony zoom lens that has an internal zoom motor. 

But what if you want to use a photo or cine zoom lens that lacks an internal motor? There are many E-mount Sony, ZEISS, SIGMA, Angénieux and other zoom lenses there for the asking.

Chrosziel’s new Zoomer (CDM-UNI-Z2) Universal Zoom Motor attaches to a 15mm lens rod. Connect one end of its Y-cable to the Sony camera’s MULTI or 3.5mm port and the other end to the handgrip cable. The Zoom Motor’s Lemo port connects with a D-Tap cable to an onboard battery like Hawk-Woods’s BP-98UX.

To change motor direction, hold the handgrip zoom rocker down in the Wide position for at least 10 seconds. To choose among 5  zoom modes, hold the rocker in the Tele position for 10 seconds. The LED blinks 1 to 5 times to indicate setting.


  • Power supply 10-30V (Lemo compatible 0B 5-pin)
  • 2.5mm socket (control command In)
  • 3.5mm socket (control command In & Out)
  • USB Type min A-B (firmware updates)
  • Torque 0.5Nm
  • Power consumption max. approx. 350mAh @ 12V


  • 1x CDM-UNI-Z2 Digital motor unit
  • 1x LANC cable
  • 1x LANC extension cable
  • 1x MN-AB-A90 (power supply cable 12 Volt A/B D-Tap – angled 90° rotated 0B 5pin)
  • 1x 206-30 Flexi Gear Ring (Ø 60-120mm)
  • 1x Gear Drive, mod. 0.8 (Ø 40mm)
  • 1x CAB-FX9 for Sony PXW-FX9 compatibility
  • 1x CAB-FX6 for Sony PXW-FX6 compatibility
  • USB Mini Adapter

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CDM-UNI-Z2 with Angénieux EZ-2 FF 22-60 T3 on top 15mm rod of a Wooden Camera Top Plate for Sony FX9.


CDM-UNI-Z2 mounted to top 15mm rod on Sony FX9 with a SIGMA 24-70 F2.8 DG DN | Art lens. Chrosziel provides adjustable 0.8M geared bands for the lens.

View of the adjustable Chrosziel Flexi toothed ring on the zoom barrel (for lenses without 0.8M gears.)

CDM-UNI-Z2 on Sony FX9 with Chrosziel Lightweight Shoulder Support and ZEISS 28-80 T2.9 Compact Zoom.

Sony FX6.

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4 Responses:

  1. Dan says:

    I wonder if there’s any way to make this work with the little zoom rocker on the FX3?

  2. Gerry Burke says:

    Hi Are you able to achieve ramped start and stop transitions with a photo lens too or is that only available with non photo lenses?

    • Timm says:

      Hi Gerry,
      yes ramped starts and stops are applied to photo lenses too. And if the photo lens is not too tricky, you can even use the normal documentary mode. And further zoom modes can be custom developed upon use feedback too. Don’t worry, we Chrosziel have you covered!

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