Vocas Accessories for RED KOMODO

Vocas has a range of compact and handy accessories for the RED KOMODO.

With the side cage as the starting point, you can add components to build a complete cage with different top handles, handles, lens motors, microphone holder, additional 15 mm rods for mounting focus motors and shoulder supports.

The Vocas Canon R-mount to PL adapter, which has been available for quite some time, fits directly onto the KOMODO camera.

An optional, compact but sturdy mount support provides additional stability to the lens and lowers the stress of the lens weight on the camera.

Vocas accessories can be combined or used independently. If you are already a happy owner of Vocas accessories for previous cameras, your investment is safe. For example, you can use KOMODO with the popular Vocas USBP-15 MKII shoulder base plate by adding a Vocas KOMODO adapter plate.




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