RED KOMOD handheld. Left Side Advanced Focus Handle accepts F570 (Sony Style) battery. 15mm LWS Baseplate on bottom.

Tilta matching colors to KOMODO

Tiltaing Adjustable Quick Release Top Handle

The TILTA Full Camera Cage for RED KOMODO protects the camera and provides 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 mounting threads for accessories. Handgrips attach to industry-standard Hirth-Tooth Rosettes in front and at the back of each side. A cold shoe on top accepts carrying handles. There are numerous configurations.

The base of the cage has mounting threads to attach your camera to gimbals, drones and other places where balance is important.

Several baseplates attach to the bottom of the cage for lens rods, Arca Swiss and Manfrotto as well as other quick release plates, and underslung battery plates.

Complete your KOMODO customizing with a quick-release top handle or adjustable quick release top handle, assorted side handles (wood, powered or lens controlling), handgrip extension arms, NATO rail adapters, Arca Swiss and Manfrotto quick release plates, and lots more.




Dual Canon BP to V Mount Adapter Battery Plate – left side


Dual Canon BP to V Mount Adapter Battery Plate – right side

Top view showing Cold Shoe Top Plate


(This is a “reprint” from November 2020 FDTimes issue 105.)

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