Tokina Cinema Vista Prime 40mm T1.5

Tokina introduces a new Cinema Vista Prime 40mm T1.5 lens.

It joins the existing Tokina Cinema Vista Full Frame Prime lens set—all T1.5:  18, 25, 35, 50, 85, 105 and 135 mm.

40mm is an essential focal length, much requested, almost magical by reputation, and used extensively because of its natural angle of view. Entire films have been shot almost exclusively with just a 40mm.

Tokina Cinema Vista lenses have become an increasingly popular choice for productions. Distortion and chromatic aberration is well-controlled, focus breathing is minimal, focus fall-off is gentle from subject to background, and flares are pleasing (when you want them).

The 40mm T1.5  image circle is 46.7mm. This nicely covers RED MONSTRO 8K VV, ALEXA Mini LF Open Gate and Sony VENICE FF.

The Tokina 40mm T1.5 also has an area of illumination that will cover larger formats up to ALEXA 65 2:1 Open Gate.

It looks and feels like the other Vista Prime lenses: 114mm front diameter and weight of approximately 2.25 kg (5 lb). It is available in interchangeable PL, LPL, EF, MFT and E-mount.
The 40mm T1.5 will be available from Tokina Cinema USA at an MSRP of USD $7,499.

Tokina Cinema Vista Prime 40mm T1.5






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