Aaton Smart Grip

The Aaton wood handgrip is iconic. This is the original.

First developed in the 1970s by Jean-Pierre Beauviala and Aaton, it was like an Olivander wand in Harry Potter. Instead of the wand making the wizard, this handgrip made the cinematographer. Or rather, the cinematographer with fine grade sandpaper could customize the grip to individual proportions.

Now Aaton-Cameras and FoolColor have created a new take on this most comfortable handgrip.

It is available now directly from Aaton-Cameras and Transvideo for 990 Euros.

Foolcolor, of course, is Mikael Lubtchansky and famous FoolControl.

The new handgrip is made of walnut wood from Grenoble. It connects directly to the camera and has a joystick, a 5-position switch and three silver buttons familiar to Aaton camera users everywhere.

The handgrip communicates via Bluetooth to an iOS device (iPhone, iPad) running the FoolGrip App to program individual functions for the camera. At the moment the handle and the app are compatible with RED DSMC 1 and DSMC 2 cameras. (RED KOMODO and other cameras will be added soon.)

The FoolGrip app is available now and is free on the APPLE App Store.

The handle is supplied with a cable that connects to a RED DSMC 1 or DSMC 2 camera for power and control.


Additional information:

  • https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Noix_de_Grenoble
  • FoolGrip App designed by Mikael Lubtchansky, FoolColor – foolcolor.net
  • Android version under development



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