INOVATIV AXIS Health Products for Safer Sets

You arrive on set. They check you in at a flimsy folding table. Where are the masks? Gloves? Protocols?

Getting back to work and working safely in Coronavirus times  can be helped by some common-sense practices and products.

Now, INOVATIV introduces a new line of AXIS Health workstations to stay safe on set and on location as production reopens. Inovativ is the same innovative and enterprising company famous for high-tech equipment workstations and carts favored by  ACs and DITs. They also make unique stands for Video Village, monitors, Steadicam and gimbals.

Patrick Blewett, CEO of INOVATIV, explained, “I am excited to release this fleet of post COVID-19 workstations and components. It’s my goal to assist productions, studios, and rental houses with a series of tools that will allow them to relaunch the industry as efficiently and safely as possible.”

Inovativ’s new AXIS Health systems are mobile, collapsible, portable and modular. They attach to existing carts and stands or to an Inovativ AXIS Stand without requiring tools.

Inovativ AXIS Health products conform to COVID-19 protocols that productions, studios and rentals houses are implementing. Many of Inovativ’s AXIS Health products provide and dispense brand name touch-free hand sanitizers, face masks, and gloves in conveniently portable configurations that mount on anything up to 2 inches in diameter.

So, instead of stuff scattered on random tables, Inovativ’s nicely designed AXIS Health safety products and work surfaces attach to ubiquitous Inovativ carts and stands, or to most other stands.

SHIELD QR Front Exploded View

Inovativ’s AXIS SHIELD QR is a clever mount to attach a hand sanitizer like the Purell Touchless Dispenser to any post that is 2 inches or less in diameter. That includes an Inovativ cart, C-Stand, Monitor Stand, Light Stand or Steadicam Stand. QR means it has a Quick Release bracket connected to a Manfrotto-style Super Clamp. There are also hard-mount versions of the QR products.

Inovativ AXIS ARMOR QR is more comprehensive. It holds not only a hand sanitizer dispenser, but also holders for boxes of protective face masks and gloves.


INOVATIV GUARDIAN viewed from set medic / healthcare professional’s side

Inovativ’s AXIS GUARDIAN is a complete check-in station for crew, cast and all visitors to a set. It combines the ARMOR sanitizer, mask and glove dispenser with an antimicrobial white work surface and locking draw with a rolling stand and dual monitors for documenting arrivals and departures along with production information.

GUARDIAN includes an Armor QR with:

  • Hand sanitizer dispenser
  • Mask box holder
  • Glove box holder

The Axis Worksurface Lite (also sold separately) is a shelf and drawer unit onto which you can place a laptop to check in employees and visitors:

  • Antimicrobial Powder Coating
  • White Surface allows easy cleaning
  • Cable Pass-Through
  • Combo-Locking Drawer – store scanning thermometers, medicine, documents, credential passes and extra supplies

The pedestal of the GUARDIAN is Inovativ’s AXIS Stand, an already familiar 3-wheel rolling workstation:

  • Fully extends to 79″ and collapses to 50.5″
  • Parallel Dual Monitor Bracket for safety videos and check-in
  • Three swiveling pneumatic 8″ Wheels with foot brakes and sealed bearings
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Extremely quiet and easy to roll
  • Setup Time: 2-3 minutes
  • Packs flat for travel
  • Easily separated into 5 individual assemblies making it portable and simple to replace parts

CHECKPOINT viewed from visitor side

AXIS CHECKPOINT is similar to the GUARDIAN. But, instead of wheels, it has a fixed base that is 31” wide. Height is not adjustable; it is set at 62″. Like the GUARDIAN, the CHECKPOINT can be packed flat in about 3 minutes.


Inovativ’s AXIS CONVOY is a portable set safety system in a rugged Pelican 1730 watertight, air-tight, dust-proof, crush-proof, chemical resistant, and corrosion-free polypropylene case.


  • ARMOR QR with sanitizer, mask and glove box
  • Axis Worksurface Lite (shelf and locking drawer)
  • Clamps to posts (2″ or thinner), AXIS Stand or AXIS Pedestal,  C-Stand, Medium Rolling Stand, Monitor Stand, Speed Rail, Steadicam or Light Stand.

Stay healthy and safe.

These AXIS Health products are available now for pre-order directly from INOVATIV or their worldwide dealer channels.



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