Angenieux Optimo Prime 40mm T1.8

Still socially distancing and wrangling family and friends feigning reluctance at lens tests, here are framegrabs of the new Angénieux Optimo Prime Full Frame 40mm T1.8.

Junior architect and FDTimes contributor Marlena Fauer endured permutations of Optimo Prime optimization and degrees of flare.

Optimo Primes can be customized at the factory or by certified lens technicians to create distinct looks. The iris assembly is removable and exchangeable. This 40mm had the factory default 9-bladed iris.

An internal element in the middle of the lens, called the Palette, can be swapped and exchanged by the factory or lens technicians to achieve a variety of different looks and flare, diffusion, chromatic aberration, or distortion.  This 40mm had the default Palette. A rear filter and net holder screws onto the rear. I used the default rear (clear) filter.

An in-depth article with interviews is coming in the next FDTimes.


Marlena Fauer, no flare. T2.8.

Slight flare. T4.0

More flare, sun directly down the barrel. T2.8.

Wide open with a “wrench.” Directly into the sun. T1.8.

MOD at T1.8.

T1.8. The Optimo Prime 40mm focuses to 1’2″.


Angenieux Optimo Primes are distributed in the Americas by Band Pro. In EMEA and India by Angénieux. In Asia-Pacific by Jebsen. 


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