Cooke S7/i FF+ 60, 90, 150 mm Macro 1:1

“We are introducing a new branch of the S7/i family—the 60mm, 90mm and 150mm 1:1 Full Frame Macro lenses,” Les Zellan said in our interview at the factory. He continued, “Most of our lenses have an MOD (Mininum Object Distance) of roughly 10 times the focal length. Over the years, we’ve been asked to do macro lenses and we’ve done it with the Panchro Classic 65mm and the Anamorphic 65mm and now the Full Frame Anamorphic 85m.

“The new 60, 90 and 150 mm S7/i Full Frame Macros include /i lens metadata, which we’re very proud of.”

By the way, 1:1 Magnification in a Macro means you can focus down to fill the frame with an object that is 36×24 mm or 40 x 20mm actual size.



This article first appeared in FDTimes April 2020 Issue 101.


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