SIGMA Full Frame Cine Art Primes with /i Data

SIGMA’s Art Prime version of their FF High Speed Prime Series have PL mounts that are equipped with /i Technology lens metadata communication protocol and electronic contacts.

SIGMA is considering a conversion service for customers who already purchased SIGMA PL mount lenses and would like to add /i Technology to their lenses.

1. Close focus distance is measured from the image plane
2. Front to EF mount flange
3. Front to E-mount flange
4. Front to PL mount flange
5. Without lens support foot



  • Number of iris blades: 9 (rounded diaphragm)
  • Image Circle: 43.3mm Ø  diagonal.
  • Image illumination: greater than 46.3mm Ø  diagonal.
  • Available in EF (Canon), E-mount (Sony), and PL mounts.

Specifications are subject to change.


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