SIGMA fp Director’s Finder and PL mount Camera

SIGMA fp as Director’s Finder


The new SIGMA fp Still and Cine camera has a Director’s Finder mode. Attach the LCD Viewfinder/Diopter accessory to compose shots with framelines calibrated for various aspect ratios on (thus far) ALEXA LF, Mini LF, ALEXA 65, Venice, Monstro 8K, Helium 8K, Dragon 6K, Epic MX 5K, Gemini 5K, Arricam, ALEXA SXT, XT, Mini, Amira, etc.

And—by the way—the SIGMA fp is also an incredibly small, versatile and brilliant cine and still camera.

SIGMA fp 14-bit RAW Still Camera & 12-bit RAW Cine Camera

The fp part of the name SIGMA fp is an abbreviation of fortissimo and pianissimo. You can also think of “fp”as “film and photo.”

Fortissimo in music means “to be played very loudly.” Pianissimo means “to be played very softly.” You can “play” the SIGMA fp camera very “loudly” on major cine productions. Or you can play it “softly” as a pocketable, compact camera for daily use.

SIGMA calls their fp the world’s smallest and lightest Full-Frame Mirrorless digital camera (as of today). It has a 35.9mm×23.9mm Full-Frame 24.6MP sensor in a compact body of great versatility and scalability that allows mixing-and-matching a panoply of interchangeable lenses and accessories.

This is a camera that is casual enough to take anywhere, anytime, even in your pocket. It is also quite capable of serious still and cine shooting at the highest image quality, all in a robust and stylish body.


SIGMA CEO Kazuto Yamaki said at the fp camera’s launch that the aim was to deconstruct the traditional digital camera. In reconstructing the SIGMA fp, there are five unique features.

First, it is Pocketable Full-Frame camera.

Second, it is Seamless. SIGMA’s intention was to disrupt the hierarchy established by manufacturers’ camera-centric categories. The new fp breaks the boundaries between still and cine cameras. With the SIGMA fp bridging the gap between still and cine camera, a slide switch takes you seamlessly between modes. Video UHD/4K 12-bit CinemaDNG RAW files can be recorded at 24 fps as well as UHD/4K 24, 25 10-bit and 30 fps 8-bit H.264.

Third, it is Scalable. Because the fp is so small, compact and lightweight, it is a camera that is comfortable even when shooting hours on end, to be used on a gimbal or drone, on a Steadicam or stabilizer, tripod or handheld, with handgrip, mattebox or sunshade.

Whether working on a large crew or alone, the SIGMA fp’s versatile 20mm FFD mirrorless mount accepts scores of lenses from the SIGMA, Panasonic and Leica L-Mount alliance. Or you can attach the PL to L-Mount adapter for access to a world of PL cine lenses.

Fourth, the SIGMA fp supports CinemaDNG internal and external RAW recording, including 4K/UHD 24fps 12-bit.

And fifth, it is a Director’s Finder.

SIGMA is among the elite group of companies who design and build cameras, lenses and software—with great skill and style. See them at PhotoPlus Expo in New York Oct 24-26.



SIGMA fp Full-Frame Camera




Reprinted from Film and Digital Times September 2019 Edition #97

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