IDX IPL Series Stackable Batteries

The IPL Series is the latest stackable battery system from IDX, creators of PowerLink (piggy-backing) batteries. While previous generations allowed only two batteries to be linked, the new PowerLink technology can link up to four batteries together. This considerably extends continuous shooting times by drawing power from the last battery mounted, and then moving forward.

With 96Wh and 143Wh capacities, the IPL-98 and IPL-150 are  capable of up to 14A when linked. The last battery mounted can be another IDX brand V-Mount battery, which lets you configue a capacity fitted to your needs. With the right battery combination, it is possible to get up to 715Wh. That’s a lots of Watts.

IPL-150 and IPL-98

The new PowerLink technology also takes charging into consideration. When using the VL-2000S charger, up to four IDX batteries can be stacked on each port while two batteries charge simultaneously. That’s a total of 8 batteries that can be left unattended as charging commences with the furthest battery from each port.

The IPL batteries come equipped with BMS (battery management system), SMBus, D-Tap Advanced, D-Tap, and a USB output to power additional items. A standard V-Torch LED light makes the IPL batteries easy to mount in dark studios or night exterior locations. Accurate power levels are displayed in 10% increments via a 5-LED power indicator.

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Reprinted from Film and Digital Times September 2019 Edition #97


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