Servicevision Scorpiorama 70 Full-Frame 1.65x Squeeze Front Anamorphic

At IBC 2019, Servicevision will present new 1.65x FFA Full-Frame Front Anamorphic lenses, named Scorpiorama 70.

Pedro Povill explained, “They have the look of historic 70mm  ‘Scope productions, with characteristic flares, streaks and the smoothness that you get from front anamorphic cylinders.”


These are all the right moves. The 1.65x squeeze ratio is like the golden ratio for anamorphic if you want to fill a 1.5:1 (3:2) Full-Frame sensor like ALEXA or VENICE and desqueezes it very nicely to 2.39:1 without wasting left and right side pixels in post. 

The Servicevision 1.65x FFA lenses are small and lightweight and have front anamorphic elements. Look at the chart below and see how they are almost the same length as Servicevision’s 2x FFA anamorphics (that have internal cylindrical elements) and are just a little wider (averaging 110mm front diameter vs. 95mm.) These lenses premiere at IBC in Servicevision’s booth 12.C43.






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