Tribe7 plus One: Alexander Schwarz

After more than fifteen years as Senior Director of Worldwide Key Accounts at Vantage Film, ASC Associate Member Alexander Schwarz has decided to move on.

Effective June 1, 2019, he has been directing worldwide sales strategy and business development activities at Tribe7 — the technology start-up founded by Bradford Young, ASC and Neil Fanthom — to focus on the creative needs of young and contemporary filmmakers.

Alexander says, “Tribe7 is an innovative, young company developing an array of ideas and technologies that will appeal to creatives at all levels in the filmmaking industry. I am excited to be involved in this venture at the start of its journey.”

Tribe7’s first venture to market is with the new Blackwing7 lens system – a highly creative, tuneable range of cine optics developed for visual artists embracing the industry shift to large format image capture.

When asked about Alexander’s appointment Neil Fanthom said, “Tribe7 is extremely happy to have Alex on board. His longstanding industry experience, relationships and familiarity with creative optics brings new scope to the Tribe7 team.” Bradford Young, ASC added, “Tribe7 is all about building community and trust. Alexander fits the bill.”


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