Angénieux Optimo Prime Flying In

Enroute AF 072 CDG-LAX. May 29. Flying in to Cine Gear

Across the aisle on Air France 072 from Paris to LAX is a 40mm prototype Angénieux Optimo Prime. It is carefully hand-carried by Angénieux executives Severine Serrano, Christophe Remontet and Emmanuel Sprauel — heading for Cine Gear this Friday-Saturday after the premiere at Cannes last Friday.

See the lens in person at Angenieux booth #40 and also get more information from the Americas Distributor/Partner Band Pro Film & Digital booth #70 — both in the NY streets.

More information from FDTimes.

And here are some images taken in the high contrast available flarey glarey light — T64 outside, T.07 inside, onboard the Air France 777. Sony a9 with Vocas PL to E-mount adapter.

Emmanuel Sprauel taken with Optimo 40mm at T1.8

Severine Serrano taken with Optimo 40mm at T1.8

Christophe Remontet taken with Optimo 40mm at T1.8.

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