New Preston Hand Unit 4 HU4

What’s new in the new Preston Hand Unit HU4


  • 35% lighter weight than HU3 with Micro Force zoom.
  • Adjustable focus knob drag.
  • LED triplet provides uniform focus scale illumination.
  • Super-rugged tactile switches rated for 10 million cycles.
  • Menu items can be accessed either by tactile keys or touch screen entry.
  • Large sunlight-visible 4.63″ diagonal display. 
  • Large display fonts make lens data easy to read.
  • Reversible black/white background for interior/exterior use.
  • Focus, Iris, and Zoom scales are precisely represented.
  • Non-linear iris scales are mapped to a linear scale.

Touch Panel

  • Squeeze and expand lens scales. Focus scale resolution increases as scale is expanded.
  • Travel limits shown for focus, Iris, and zoom lens rings.
  • Separate limits available for focus distance and LR2.
  • Iris control can be re-assigned to control the LR2 AF zones via touch.

Integral Zoom / Joystick Control

  • The familiar Preston Micro Force control with the famous red button is built in.
  • It also becomes a joystick when assigned to control position and size of the Auto-Focus zone of Light Ranger 2.
  • Joystick also functions to navigate the HU4 menus.

Switches on the molded handgrip control LR2 functions

  • You don’t have to let go of the handgrip to switch from Manual to Autofocus control with the Light Ranger 2
  • Normal/Hybrid Mode: transition from Manual to Autofocus. 
  • Freeze: freeze lens focus in Autofocus mode. 
  • Allocate switch functions according to user preferences. 

Lemo Ports for:

  • Command cable (to hard-wire HU4 to MDR).
  • External zoom control. 
  • Serial updater module to transfer lens library data to and from cell phone via Bluetooth link. 

Additional info

  • Wgt. w/ battery (Sony alpha series NP-FZ-100) 1.1kg (2.4 lb).
  • Coming soon: Camera control for selected models.


Download 3-page PDF with complete information:






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