Teradek RT CTRL.3

The Teradek RT CTRL.3 is a new, 3-axis wireless Focus, Iris and Zoom lens control.

With built-in lens mapping, you can set up and calibrate the scales of your lenses and store the data inside the control unit— to be summoned up in an instant when you change lenses, thus avoiding time-consuming end-stop and focus mark setup.

A very helpful new feature of the CTRL.3 is that, when paired with a SmallHD monitor, it can display lens data overlays of focus and iris scales directly on the monitor. This is available on all of the newest generation SmallHD monitors and can be enabled as a menu tool on any compatible monitor.

You’ll also need to enable this function in the control unit. The setting can be accessed via the menu button located on the front of the controller. This menu also controls settings to change motor response, wireless configuration, and many other details.

The large, fluid-feel knob on CTRL.3 has more than 300°of throw for smooth, accurate control. The iris slider has a pre-printed aperture scale as well as a markable blank strip. Zoom is controlled with a force sensor button. A and B knob wheels can be mapped to zoom speed or any other function or axis. For example, if you’re using the controller with a RED DSMC2 camera, you can set the A wheel for electronic ISO control, and the B wheel to Shutter Angle control.

CTRL.3 has limit functions that essentially act as hard stops between two points on the lens. And there are many more details.

NAB Booth C5725.         rt.teradek.com

Reprinted from Film and Digital Times April 2019 Edition #93-94

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