IB/E Smartfinder Pro: 65mm Director’s Finder

IB/E Optics is presenting a nice, new Director’s Viewfinder for lenses from S35 to Full Format and up to 65mm format.

The Smartfinder Pro uses IB/E’s UMS Universal Mount System. This includes ARRI LPL, XPL and PL.

You attach a lens. The image is gathered on a 62mm ∅ groundglass, which is slightly larger than the image area of an ARRI Alexa 65. The groundglass concept is just like a traditional, optical Director’s Finder. Attach an iPhone behind the groundglass. The iPhone camera focuses through 4 IB/E optical elements onto the groundglass, and you view the image on the screen of your iPhone 8 Plus. Presumably, other iPhones will eventually fit. So, when you upgrade to the latest, greatest iPhone XS, this may be a good reason not to trade the old one in. Just use it as a good 5.5″ Retina HD 1920×1080 monitor with touch screen.

The IB/E Smartfinder’s handgrip contains a 2500 mAH battery to power the phone.

The iPhone lets you shoot framegrabs and, of course, video. This is helpful for scouting and pre-viz.

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