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ARRI ALEXA LF gets SUP 3.0 software and hardware update. Hardware This latest software update, LF SUP 3.0, requires a new ACDA4 circuit board inside the camera. New ALEXA LF cameras will have the new board and SUP 3.0 installed. Existing cameras can be updated with the new hardware and software by ARRI Service Centers, free of charge. That is… read more…

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Nikon Z 7 and Z 6: 16mm FFD, 55mm ∅

  Nikon launched new mirrorless Full Frame cameras in Tokyo and New York today. Several things are remarkable about the new Nikon Z 7 and Z 6: The electronic viewfinder approaches the sharpness and focus-friendliness of a ground glass. It is astounding. The 3,690,ooo dot OLED panel of the electronic viewfinder has 100% frame coverage and 0.8x magnification. The new Z… read more…

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ALEXA LF and 35mm format Anamorphic Lenses

Marc Shipman-Mueller published a helpful and interesting white paper, “ALEXA LF & Anamorphic Lenses.” It is in the DOWNLOADS section of the ALEXA LF microsite. Here’s a summary of the key points. You have a Netflix show. You’d like to shoot with 35mm anamorphic lenses on Alexa LF. Can you satisfy the Netflix 4K UHD UHD specification? Yes. You can do this with Alexa LF Open Gate sensor mode and crop in post. read more…


Sony VENICE V2.0 FDTimes Special Report (PDF)

Download the latest free FDTimes Sony VENICE Special Report.
Includes all the firmware and hardware updates for V2.0 as of August 8, 2018. 140 page PDF.

includes: VENICE Version 2 Firmware Update, Tether, Formats; Travel Guide to VENICE; VENICE PL and E-mount; VENICE: Modular and User-Swappabe Sensor Block; Built-in Optical ND Filters; RAW & Internal Recording; Outfitting VENICE; VENICE Full Frame and Super35 Formats; VENICE Roadmap, Specs, Dimensions; and lots more. read more…