ARRI ALEXA LF gets SUP 3.0 software and hardware update.


This latest software update, LF SUP 3.0, requires a new ACDA4 circuit board inside the camera. New ALEXA LF cameras will have the new board and SUP 3.0 installed. Existing cameras can be updated with the new hardware and software by ARRI Service Centers, free of charge. That is why LF SUP 3.0 is not shown in the downloads section of the ARRI website.


The big, bright news is the new ALEXA LF Electronic Viewfinder EVF-2. It replaces EVF-1, which has been discontinued.

EVF-2 is sharper, cleaner, brighter, better. It has HD resolution. You can check focus much more clearly. The optics are based on the beloved eyepiece of the ARRICAM, providing a cleaner image, free of distortion. It has a wider exit pupil (wider aperture, brighter image) and gives the operator a more comfortable view of the image.

EVF-2 uses the latest color science for more accurate color rendition and a better match to on-set monitors. Color is stable at all brightness levels over the entire range of operating temperatures from -20ºC to +45ºC (-4º F to +113º F).


If you’re mixing EVF-1 and EVF-2 finders on the same set, an EVF-1 gamma setting helps matching.

The EVF-2 requires ALEXA LF Software Update Packet LF SUP 3.0. ALEXA LF cameras from now on will come with the EVF-2. ALEXA LF cameras with LF SUP 3.0 are compatible with EVF-1 and EVF-2. If you want to upgrade from EVF-1 to EVF-2, you can trade up to EVF-2 at half price.

LF SUP 3.0 Software

  • Support for Electronic Viewfinder EVF-2
  • Support for SxS PRO+ 256 GB cards
  • Support for battery adapters Bebob BAB-HG & BAB-HV
  • Magnification for EVF-1/2 and MON OUT
  • Six Zoom positions for EVF-1/2 and MON OUT
  • Simplified global anamorphic de-squeeze
  • Monitor identification


As with the ALEXA 65, the Magnification feature enlarges the image on each of the 4 monitor outputs (EVF and MON OUT 1, 2 and 3). This helps when frameline/sensor mode combinations result in a smaller image on the viewfinder or MON OUT. For example, you may be windowing a Super35 frame within the Large Format sensor area—and want to see the entire image fill the screen of your monitors. It is possible to set Magnification from 100% to 200%.


The existing Zoom function lets you momentarily zoom in to quickly check focus. The update provide 6 user-settable target areas. They can be accessed with new ZOOM user buttons. So, this lets you zoom into 6 zones within the frame, e.g.: center, top center, top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right.

Anamorphic De-squeeze 

Setting the anamorphic de-squeeze ratio has been simplified. It is now possible to globally set one de-squeeze ratio in the Project Settings. This de-squeeze ratio can be activated or deactivated individually on each of the four monitor outputs (EVF, MON OUT 1, 2, 3). This de-squeeze ratio will be recorded in the camera metadata. It can automatically de-squeeze the image in the ARRIRAW Converter and other postproduction tools.

De-squeeze ratios are currently 1.25x (Ultra Panavision 70), 1.3x (Hawk65), 1.5x (Technovision Classic) and 2.0x (Scorpio). Additional squeezes will surely follow.

Image Processing

The ARRI Noise Reduction (ANR) algorithm has been improved and results in lower black levels than before.

Monitor identification

You can now quickly identify which MON OUT a given monitor is connected to. This simplifies cable wrangling on set. The MON status icon that belongs to the connected monitor is as bright as the rest of the status info, while the icons of the other paths are dimmed. (In the example above, MON 2 is connected.)

Additional Update Notes

While updating the camera, ARRI Service will also install the latest version of the ARRI Wireless Video System (WVS) software, which improves the reliability and signal strength of the integrated wireless video transmitter. The stand-alone Wireless Video Transmitter WVT-1 and Wireless Video Receiver WVR-1 are not affected by this, and their latest software (4.3.23) remains compatible with the new WVS software. However, since the new WVS software also contains a bug fix that makes the ARRI WVS compatible with more monitors, ARRI also recommend updating those units to the new WVS software.

As part of the ALEXA LF 3.0 SW & HW Upgrade, a number of hardware patches will be installed to improve sensor cooling, wireless video range and general system stability. The upgrade also includes shimming of FSND filter frames.

ALEXA LF 3.0 SW & HW Upgrade provides a lot of useful new features and performance improvements. It is a pre-requisite for using the EVF-2 and SxS PRO+ cards.

Questions? Email ARRI Service at service (at) 

Read more on the ARRI website.




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