ZEISS Supreme Primes Special Report (PDF)

Here’s a 44 page Special Report about the new ZEISS Supreme Prime lenses and a Factory Tour of where they are made by ZEISS in Oberkochen.

Download 44-page 11MB (high rez) PDF

Download 44-page 5 MB (lower rez) PDF

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SP Summary

Full Frame

ZEISS Supreme Primes cover an image area up to 46.3 mm diagonal. They are incredibly small, lightweight and fast. The focus barrel has a unique, advanced square helical thread that is as smooth as cams and even more rugged. There are 13 lenses planned so far.

Lens Mounts

ZEISS Supreme Primes have a user-interchangeable lens mount system. Like the CP.2, CP.3 and CZ.2 lenses, it is quite simple to  swap mounts in the field. The mount can be exchanged by the user, rental house, DP or the camera assistant.

Initially, the Supreme Primes will come with PL lens mounts. ARRI’s new LPL mount and Canon EF mount will also be supported.

Lens Metadata

The lens mounts will communicate Cooke /i, and ZEISS Xtended Data to the camera. A new concept is that the EF mount can communicate with the camera. It essentially translates the /i data into EF data. So you will be able to see aperture and focus settings in an EF-equipped camera’s viewfinder.

Delivery and Price

Delivery of the Supreme Primes begins in June with the initial core set of 5 focal lengths: from 25, 29, 35, 50, 85—all T1.5. The 100 mm will arrive in December 2018. The 65 mm should deliver in spring of 2019, followed by the 21 mm in summer, and the 135 and 150 mm later that year. The 15, 18 and 200 mm will be released in 2020.

Approximate price will be 90,000€ (US $112,500) for the initial set of 6 lenses (25, 29, 35, 50, 85 and 100 mm). That works out to about 15,000€ (US $18,750) per lens.



Go to zeiss.com/cine for additional info and Supreme Prime Demo Shorts:










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