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Pacific Northwest Lens Summit

Pacific Northwest Lens Summit: at Koerner Camera Systems in Portland

  Koerner Camera Systems hosts the 2nd annual Pacific Northwest Lens Summit on Saturday, May 5, 2018. It will be a who’s who of the cine lens world, with representatives from all the major companies giving presentations and providing hands-on time. Koerner Camera Systems 2828 SE 14th Ave Portland, OR 97202 Register now.   Updated schedule for the lens training sessions on Friday:… read more…

Fujinon Full Frame Zooms

This sounds like the introduction to a Ninja movie. In an undisclosed location at NAB, attended by unidentified executives from an unnamed company, Film and Digital Times has learned of new Full Frame zoom lenses being planned. The company is Fujifilm. They are developing Full Frame zoom lenses, to be announced later this year. We know they will be Fujinon Full Frame zooms. They will be lightweight, compact, high-end. The maximum aperture will be T2.X, where X is still being worked out. I would guess T2.9. They will weigh around 3 kg. read more…

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Desqueeze FF Anamorphic with Resolve

Here’s a reprint from the current edition (April 2018) of FDTimes about desqueezing anamorphic images with DaVinci Resolve. 8 pages. 

With the latest wave of Full Format cameras comes new interest in anamorphic Full Format lenses. The math gets numbing, but the result will be the possibility of many new exhibition/streaming formats that were never dreamt of in standards committees’ philosophies. read more…


FDTimes at NAB 2018

Get the latest 96-page April Issue #87 of Film and Digital Times. For a limited time, you can download it for free. Subscribers: log in for the high rez edition.

The print edition is shipping now. It will also be everywhere at NAB 2018. Pick up a copy from our FDTimes bin in the front of Central Hall and at our booth C10206 (next to Sony, across SIGMA).

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ProRes RAW, Atomos, Panasonic

Final Cut Pro X gets ProRes RAW in the 10.4.1 update coming from Apple on April 9. It combines  the flexibility and advantages of RAW with the performance (data rates, speed, ease) of ProRes. ProRes RAW is a new format from Apple that combines significantly lower data rates with the performance of ProRes. You will be able to play full-quality 4K… read more…


Micro Salon Italia 2018

A.I.C. (Associazione Italiana Autori della Cinematografia — the Italian Society of Cinematographers) brought Micro Salon Italia back to Cinecittà Studios after a 3-year absence, to where it first started in 2013. The first edition had only twelve booths, but this year, thanks to the larger space of Stage 10 – right across Federico Fellini’s famed Stage 5 – it hosted 56 booths in 2,000 sq mt (1,300 in 2017), 17 more than last year, with 83 major brand names and an extraordinary attendance of over 4,500 visitors. read more…