Desqueeze FF Anamorphic with Resolve


Here’s a reprint from the current edition (April 2018) of FDTimes about desqueezing anamorphic images with DaVinci Resolve. 8 pages. 


With the latest wave of Full Format cameras comes new interest in anamorphic Full Format lenses.

Servicevision Scorpio 2x FFA lenses have full-height 24mm coverage and 2x  squeeze. Hawk65 anamorphics are 1.3x squeeze. Ultra Panavision 70 lenses have a 1.25x squeeze ratio. And P+S Technik CS Anamorphics are 1.5x.

We used a Scorpio FFA prime and Sony VENICE.

The theory should be similar for ARRI ALEXA LF, RED W8K MONSTRO VV, Panavision DXL2 and Canon C700 FF. Future updates will follow.

Hawk65 lenses will desqueeze on ALEXA LF and VENICE to 1.95:1, which is very close to Storaro’s beloved 2:1 Univisium and Netflix’s recommended widescreen ratio.With P+S Technik CS 1.5x, the desqueezed result is 2.25:1.

With Scorpio FFA 2x, the desqueeze ratio is 3:1.

Canon’s C700 FF has a native aspect ratio of 1.896:1, which desqueezes to 2.46 with Hawk65.

RED W8K MONSTRO VV and Panavision DXL2 have a 1.99:1 aspect ratio. Use Ultra Panavison 70 lenses (1.25x) and the resulting ratio is 2.49:1

The math gets numbing, but the result will be the possibility of many new exhibition/streaming formats that were never dreamt of in standards committees’ philosophies.






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